Together We Will Cultivate a

Wise Mind, Wise Heart, and Wise Vision

As part of a year-long journey, we will spend 4 months on each section:

Wise Mind 1
Self-awareness and self-insight are the building blocks of wisdom. Knowing yourself starts with identifying your values. This knowledge enables us to chart our own path towards wisdom. A Wise Mind aims to look at life from multiple perspectives, with an absence of subjectivity and projections; which leads to a decrease in self-centeredness and a quieting of the ego.
Wise Mind includes topics such as:
  • Identifying personal values as a path of growth
  • Self-awareness/Mindfulness
  • Emotional Agility
  • Dealing with Uncertainty
Wise heart
A Wise Heart leads to a shift in awareness; the comprehension of the deeper meaning of our experiences, particularly with regard to interpersonal matters. Here we focus on our relationships, the knowledge of the positive and negative aspects of the human nature, the acknowledgement of ambiguity and uncertainty and ability to make important decisions despite life’s unpredictability. 
Wise Heart includes topics such as:
  • Social Intelligence
  • Humility and patience
  • Compassion for self and others
  • Non-Violent communication
Wise vision
Wise Vision is about transcending the self and focuses on the ways that cultivating wisdom can transform us on a collective level. This is where we inspire one another to use the elements of the Wise Mind and Wise Heart to create a more wisdom-centered society where we can all experience well-being.
Wise Vision includes topics such as:
  • Perspective Taking
  • Meaning
  • Practical Wisdom
  • Spirituality (sense of transcendence or connection with the wider universe)

Wisdom Cultivators course content is sourced from the latest psychological research, modern social science thought leaders, and the work of the ancient philosophers and spiritual teachers.