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“Our innate wisdom needs to be developed, understood and sharpened. Each person must develop the quality of fearlessness so that wisdom can cut through their ignorance. The best wisdom is that which you have the courage to apply to yourself. Only then can you really understand human beings as they are. Then you can give yourself and others the chance to grow individually, to think as they want. All of us need space to develop.”
     ~Venerable Khandro Rinpoche

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One of the biggest sources of suffering in western culture is people not liking themselves; thinking they aren’t good enough. While focusing on inner growth is a beautiful thing, if it is approached from a place of lack, it can lead to a cycle of “what should I fix next?”

Instead of being focused on growth, which can be slow and awkward, many of us are focused on goals.  We look to the advice of others to help us determine those goals and assess our progress, and in doing so we slowly abandon our inner guidance and innate wisdom.

Wisdom cultivation is about uncovering your own innate wisdom and letting it guide you towards well-being. It starts with discovering your personal values, which are an ideal way to guide to your growth so that your path aligns with the wise person you desire to become.

You don’t need to “improve.” The bud is no less whole than the blossom. We all have what we need to grow into the highest expression of ourselves, but just as a plant needs the right conditions and space to flourish, so do we.
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The Wisdom Cultivators Community is an online membership space that provides a buffet of content on cultivating a Wise Mind, Wise Heart and Wise Vision. This content is meant to educate, inspire, open new horizons, create aha moments and emotional connections.
Influenced by the latest psychological research and the ancient thoughts on wisdom, we have developed a list of core traits that are most often associated with the wise person. Our content is aimed at supporting you in cultivating these traits, with a focus on those that most closely align with your personal values. 
More importantly, we provide a community based on connection not perfection, and growth not goals. If you’ve ever longed to be a part of a tribe or wished you had a wise elder in your life, this is the place to find that.
We believe that without connection, belonging, and the space to practice authenticity, psycho-educational content alone is not enough for personal transformation. This is why we place an emphasis on the community aspect of this membership experience and aim to make it impactful and engaging. 
 There will be space for member-initiated discussion and informal connection, as well as groups and forums for the discussion of specific topics. Planned topic discussions will be led by guides who are skilled facilitators focused on supporting your growth and answering your questions.
 Because we focus on being guided by personal values, we want to share the values that guide the experience of this community:

Freedom, Wisdom, Growth, Love and Curiosity

Guided by these values, we aim to provide a space where everyone’s authentic feelings and experiences can be heard. Wisdom and growth, cultivated in an environment of love, curiosity, and freedom means that this is a place for exploration and honesty. We are living in a time that presents us with a constant stream of new information, and we need to be able to integrate it in a way that causes less human suffering rather than more. Given the current trends in online culture, we want to note that this is a space for curiosity and compassion, not silencing or shaming.

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