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Post-Traumatic Growth of Wisdom after Covid

It is both a popular belief and a research backed notion that wisdom is gained through experience.  The more challenging the experience, the more opportunity for growth. Situations that push us to the limits of our endurance are called “ultimate limit experiences,”and they can accelerate the development of wisdom. The psychological term

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The Skill of Wisdom: Part 2

In The Skill of Wisdom: Part 1 we defined wisdom as insight in action: The integration of the rational brain (knowledge), with the emotional brain (experience), which creates insight; or deeper, intuitive knowing. This deep knowing put into action is wisdom. To practice wisdom so to practice living from the balanced state

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The Skill of Wisdom: Part 1

If you ask 10 people “What is wisdom?” you will likely get 10 different answers, but connecting them are likely underlying themes, such as having a wealth of knowledge, but knowing the limits of that knowledge, taking different perspectives into account, giving good advice, or having self-awareness. Often we decide who is

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Being Authentic For Real: Part 2

Being Authentic For Real: Part 1, we dug into the definition of authenticity. Now that we know what the term really means, I want to share how living authentically increases life satisfaction, well-being, and inner peace, and how it can have lasting impacts not only personally, but also in our relationships. Authenticity

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Being Authentic For Real: Part 1

As they say, everyone else is already taken, so why not be yourself? Is it really that easy?  If you are someone who is into personal development, self-help or conscious leadership, you have undoubtedly heard the call to be more authentic.  “Be an authentic you, living an authentic life- your best life.” 

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How to Create Defining Moments

Take a quick mental inventory of your “keepsakes.” Most of them are physical reminders of moments; love notes, quotes that moved us, baby shoes, trophies- they help us to remembers moments of significance in our lives.  But what ingredients turn an experience into a defining moment? How do we create more defining

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