Skills for Growth

Social Media as a Self-Awareness Tool

When I was training to be a therapist, we did a lot of role-playing, enacting out different roles that were typical in a family drama. Generally, it was easy to play these roles, because we are all familiar with them, and we often ended in uncomfortable laughter partly because our acting was terrible, but more so because our reactions were so predictable that it was funny. It’s one of those sad, but funny (tragicomedy?) experiences, similar to how one might feel reading the comments on social media. Role-playing isn’t so necessary anymore because we can witness these dramas playing out online, in real-time, anytime. It’s

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authenticity cant fake
My Thoughts

Being Authentic For Real: Part 1

As they say, everyone else is already taken, so why not be yourself? Is it really that easy?  If you are someone who is into personal development, self-help or conscious leadership, you have undoubtedly heard the call to be more authentic.  “Be an authentic you, living an authentic life- your best life.”  Seriously though, what does that really mean? When I say the Mexican food was authentic, you probably know what I mean. But, when it comes to the self, are we all operating with the same definition of the word “authentic,” or has it just become another cliché that has lost it’s meaning?

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