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Science says: Count your blessings

We’ve all heard the phrase “count your blessings.” Likely from our Grandmas. It’s been around along time, originating in a hymn from the 1800’s. Science is now proving that we should most definitely be following Grandma’s advice. In fact, our well-being might hinge on our ability to focus on our blessings more than we focus on our barriers. I had a serendipitous moment this week. Just a few days ago, I went for a run, running halfway in one direction and then turning around to head back.  When I turned around, I immediately noticed that there was a very strong and constant wind blowing

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Book Review

The Good Life

We all want to live a good life.  We want to be happy, we want those we love to be happy, we even want our pets to be happy.  But what does this really mean?  Does it mean that our main objective is to live a life filled with only positive emotions- pleasure, comfort, excitement? Most of us are aware enough to realize that perpetual happiness is an impossible dream.  Many of us are also aware that we desire more than just happiness; we want meaning, purpose and engagement in our lives. We may have a desire to serve something greater than ourselves even

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