We Can
Co-Create Something Transformative!

Do you feel that many online groups are echo chambers that don’t actually cultivate personal growth?

Do you wish you could harness the power of the positive aspects of social media while minimizing the negative?

A vision for a new type of online community led us here.

Our aim is to harness the community-building potential of social media to create a space where wisdom cultivation and inner growth are the common threads that connect otherwise diverse people. 

We strive to be a community based on connection, not perfection, and growth not goals- led by the following values:Freedom, Wisdom, Growth, Love and Curiosity

Wisdom and growth, cultivated in an environment of love, curiosity, and freedom, creates a place for exploration and authenticity. We are living in a time that presents us with a constant stream of new information, and we need to be able to integrate it in ways that cause less human suffering rather than more. Given the current trends in online culture, we aim to create something different- a space led by curiosity and compassion, not silencing or shaming.


We are calling on you to co-create this space with us.

As a promoter of well-being, it is likely that you already embody the kind of energy that we would love to see flow into this space and we would be thrilled to have you bring that energy into this new community.

To create an online space that is appealing, engaging, and impactful, we are looking for 50 founding members to help us co-create this space. Your role would be to share mental health and inner growth resources, get engaged in discussions and start groups or forums to discuss topics close to your heart.  In other words, just share your passion for well-being and inner growth with a receptive audience while connecting with a group of 50 of your colleagues. 

In exchange for your participation, founding members will be able to join the community free for 6 months (no strings attached and no commitment required). The platform is very similar to Facebook- featuring a news feed, groups and forums, member profiles, and private messaging, so the format will be familiar and easy to navigate.

We do request that if you take the opportunity to fill a founding member spot, that you actively use the platform, ideally once per day, but minimally, several times per week. We will also be launching an app, which will make participation on your mobile device easy.

By 2022 we plan to expand the platform to include courses in Wisdom Cultivation and opportunities for members to work one on one with Wisdom Cultivation Mentors. We will be hiring mental health professionals to staff these positions and also work as moderators and group hosts. Our hope is to fill some of these positions from within the founding member’s group of mental health professionals.

If you are interested in becoming a Wisdom Cultivators Founding Member, and co-creating this transformational space, please fill out this short form. We will then send you an access code, along with tips and inspiration for engaging on the platform. This offer is only open to 50 members, on a first-come, first-served basis.

We hope you will take this opportunity to create something beautiful with us, and we look forward to connecting with you!

For more on our vision, or to get more familiar with the work we are doing, please visit www.wisdomcultivators.com or our social media pages, which are linked on the site.