Can you give me an overview of what to expect from this membership?

Yes! There are 2 levels of membership to choose from, so your experience will differ depending on which level you choose.

1)  Community Member (Opening November of 2021)

This level of membership is focused on community interaction. Members can share and comment on posts, and join or start groups on specific topics. The Wisdom Cultivators monthly book discussion is also included. Think of this space as the Facebook of Wisdom Cultivation, minus the algorithms, ads, censorship, and shaming!

The aims of the community are to:

  • Help you transform knowledge and experience into growth.

  • Provide the space to give and receive support.

  • Inspire growth through aha moments and authentic connection.

  • Practice the skills of wisdom with other’s who are doing the same.

Here is a link to our Community Use Guidelines


2) Student of Wisdom (Opening Jan of 2022)

This level of membership offers access to the community, as outlined above, plus access to courses and resources on wisdom cultivation.

 This level of access will include:

Curated content (articles, videos, PDF’s and tools) from a variety of well-known teachers, intended to support the cultivation of wisdom, along with a book of the month and the Wisdom Cultivators journal. New content will be opened monthly, moving through the year which is divided into 3 sections, Wise Mind, Wise Heart and Wise Vision. To see more specifics on the content, click here.  



How is the platform set up? Here is a sneak peak:

I am busy! How much time will I need to devote to this?

As much or as little time as you like! The time you spend will vary depending on which level of membership you choose, but either way, your level of engagement is totally up to you! We hope that your membership actually saves you time and meets your needs in a more direct way, by putting content in front of you that you are actually interested in.

Community members may end up reducing the time they spend scrolling other social sites and find their need for connection and inspiration happens in less time because there is less “noise” to wade through!

Our hope is that Students of Wisdom will find that the curated content provides easy access to inspiring and educational content that they might otherwise have to spend time searching for. Our values-focused framework means that we help you narrow down where to focus your efforts so that your time is spent in alignment with your values. The content never closes, and the community will be waiting to connect with you whenever you are available.

What is the cost?

We are committed to making this space accessible to as many people as possible. If you can’t afford a membership, we welcome scholarship requests via email to

A Community Membership is $5 per month.

A Student of Wisdom Membership is $10 per month.

Payments are set up to recur monthly, and membership can be canceled at any time.