My Thoughts

What IS Wisdom Cultivation?

Growing in wisdom will keep us from drowning in knowledge fAs John Naisbitt says — “We are drowning in information but starved for knowledge.” I believe the real issue is that we are drowning in knowledge while starved for wisdom. Wisdom is an undervalued piece of our evolution as humans. Wisdom Cultivators is one of the first organizations to focus on supporting the growth of wisdom. Before we can get into explaining wisdom cultivation, we must attempt to define wisdom. If you ask 10 people “What is wisdom?” you will likely get 10 different answers, but connecting them are underlying themes, such as having a

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Theories to Ponder

Don’t be a Victim of Culture

An awareness of victimhood culture is a step towards true social justice. How “thick your skin is,” and how you respond when you feel insulted is not just determined by your personality or your past experiences- it is also very much influenced and reinforced by the moral culture of those who surround you. The moral culture that you identify with can have profound effects on your personal well-being, and far-reaching societal impacts. It can affect the trajectory of your life. Being aware of the moral culture of those around you can offer up some big ah-ha moments, an opportunity to better understand moral conflicts, and the

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