Skills for Growth

Social Media as a Self-Awareness Tool

When I was training to be a therapist, we did a lot of role-playing, enacting out different roles that were typical in a family drama. Generally, it was easy to play these roles, because we are all familiar with them, and we often ended in uncomfortable laughter partly because our acting was terrible, but more so because our reactions were so predictable that it was funny. It’s one of those sad, but funny (tragicomedy?) experiences, similar to how one might feel reading the comments on social media. Role-playing isn’t so necessary anymore because we can witness these dramas playing out online, in real-time, anytime. It’s

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My Thoughts

Discourage Censorship: Promote Wise Reasoning

You’ve likely heard the news; YouTube is expanding its censorship policies to include a broader range of anti-vax content. You may think that YouTube is doing the right thing. I’m assuming they think they are doing the right thing- protecting us, but this is a dangerous solution. There are better ways to combat misinformation and bad ideas, and one place to start is with wisdom. Wise people don’t just accept another person’s version of the truth, they hone skills at discovering truth themselves. Hone Your Truth Finding Skills Instead of censorship, what if we began promoting wise reasoning? Imagine a culture where the majority

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