Book Review

How to Cultivate a Life Full of Extraordinary Moments

Take a quick mental inventory of your “keepsakes.” Most of them are physical reminders of defining moments; love notes, wedding photos, a childhood memento, a souvenir from a magical trip- they help us to remember moments of significance in our lives. These objects bring us back to the pleasant emotions of that experience. A beautiful blend of elements merged to make those moments so special that we want to emotionally revisit them. But what elements must fall into place to transform an experience into a defining moment? Can we purposefully create more defining moments in our lives? In the book “The Power of Moments: Why Certain

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My Thoughts

Hope is Not an Emotion; It’s a State of Mind

What comes to mind when you think about the word hope? For me, it’s wall art and mugs; “hope” written in cursive, accompanied by words like faith, love, and dream. It is not a positive association. As much as I love to feel inspired, I am not a fan of inspirational décor. It doesn’t suit my taste, and more importantly, I think it dilutes the meaning of words that are actually profound concepts. Reclaiming and connecting with the meaning of the word hope, requires a reintroduction.   Defining Hope We often say we “feel” hopeful, but hope is not actually an emotion. It is a way of thinking or a cognitive

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