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Wisdom is one of those words; like mindfulness or authenticity. It’s not easy to define so the meaning gets fuzzy. Wisdom is the type of word that slips out of use as new buzz words (like inner growth, self-development, self-healing) replace bits and pieces of its complex meaning. It gets broken down and dissected because we find it easier to wrap our brains around smaller things. In time we forget about using it at all. But the words we substitute aren’t quite the same; we are losing slices of the essence of the word with each reframe.

Wisdom is not a hot topic. It is definitely not a trending Google search term.  But what is ironic is that wisdom is THE thing we are searching for, we just don’t know to call it that.

Wisdom is: the science of happiness.
Wisdom is: the skill that you need to live “a good life.”
Wisdom is: the ability to think and act using knowledge, experience, understanding, and insight.
Wisdom is: responding rather than reacting.
Wisdom is: the balance between the rational mind and the emotional mind.
Wisdom is: the only way to use knowledge responsibly.
As its meaning began to fade, so did its prevalence. I believe we want to get back to it, but we haven’t yet identified it as the thing we are trying to develop.

Wisdom Cultivators is about re-starting the conversation about wisdom. It is about defining, exploring, and teaching wisdom. It is about reclaiming this word and identifying what it means to us now.

We are drowning in knowledge while starving for wisdom.  It sounds dramatic, but I believe wisdom will save us. Wisdom is vital to keeping our evolution as humans in balance.

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