What is the 3

Wisdom is one of those words; like mindfulness or authenticity. It’s not easy to define so the meaning gets fuzzy. Wisdom is the type of word that slips out of use as new buzz words (like inner growth, self-development, self-healing) replace bits and pieces of its complex meaning. It gets broken down and dissected because we find it easier to wrap our brains around smaller things. In time we forget about using it at all. But the words we substitute aren’t quite the same; we are losing slices of the essence of the word with each reframe.

Wisdom is not a hot topic. It is definitely not a trending Google search term.  But what is ironic is that wisdom is THE thing we are searching for, we just don’t know to call it that.

Wisdom is: the science of happiness.
Wisdom is: the skill that you need to live “a good life.”
Wisdom is: the ability to think and act using knowledge, experience, understanding, and insight.
Wisdom is: responding rather than reacting.
Wisdom is: the balance between the rational mind and the emotional mind.
Wisdom is: the only way to use knowledge responsibly.
As its meaning began to fade, so did its prevalence. I believe we want to get back to it, but we haven’t yet identified it as the thing we are trying to develop.

Wisdom Cultivators is about re-starting the conversation about wisdom. It is about defining, exploring, and teaching wisdom. It is about reclaiming this word and identifying what it means to us now.

We are drowning in knowledge while starving for wisdom.  It sounds dramatic, but I believe wisdom will save us. Wisdom is vital to keeping our evolution as humans in balance.

What IS Wisdom Cultivation?

Growing in wisdom will keep us from drowning in knowledge fAs John Naisbitt says — “We are drowning in information but starved for knowledge.” I believe the real issue is that we are drowning in knowledge while starved for wisdom. Wisdom is an undervalued piece of our evolution as humans. Wisdom Cultivators is

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Don’t be a Victim of Culture

An awareness of victimhood culture is a step towards true social justice. How “thick your skin is,” and how you respond when you feel insulted is not just determined by your personality or your past experiences- it is also very much influenced and reinforced by the moral culture of those who surround

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Social Media as a Self-Awareness Tool

When I was training to be a therapist, we did a lot of role-playing, enacting out different roles that were typical in a family drama. Generally, it was easy to play these roles, because we are all familiar with them, and we often ended in uncomfortable laughter partly because our acting was

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Discourage Censorship: Promote Wise Reasoning

You’ve likely heard the news; YouTube is expanding its censorship policies to include a broader range of anti-vax content. You may think that YouTube is doing the right thing. I’m assuming they think they are doing the right thing- protecting us, but this is a dangerous solution. There are better ways to

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End Polarized Thinking with 4 Simple Questions

Mainstream media is eroding our ability to reason wisely. When we are chronically exposed to news that highlights our differences, rather than our similarities, and plays on our emotions, rather than appealing to reason, we lose our ability to use wise reasoning. This furthers social division, reinforces intolerance, and fuels conspiratorial thinking. Here

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If “They” Led with Curiosity, We Might Trust Them

The “they” I am referring to are authorities, institutions and government leaders. I wish they could see that curiosity could be the value that transforms the world. A person who is a seeker of truth, won’t find it without being deeply curious. It’s the value that will keep you looking even after

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